The abandoned luxury car theme has fascinated car enthusiasts the world over. And the place with the highest density of expensive compounds left for mold and scrap is in Dubai.

This city in the Middle East has gained international acclaim for its tall skyscrapers, mega shopping malls, fabulous hotels and fine dining restaurants. The car scene there is also amazing, but unfortunately, the emirate is also a hotspot for abandoned supercars.

Supercar Blondie showed a video of an abandoned car yard containing the remnants of the city full of expensive cars that had been abandoned, seized or destroyed. Where you can see damaged expensive cars such as Rolls-Royce Wraith, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes-AMG GT S, Ferrari California T, Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes-AMG G63 and many more other famous brands parked side by side .

Each car has its own unique story, and they can all be bought at auctions. And in many cases for a fraction of its market value. For example, the white Ferrari California T that appeared at the beginning of the video. It doesn’t seem to have any defects, so it may have been seized or simply abandoned by the owner in a hurry to leave Dubai to avoid paying the debt.

The lowest price for a similar model in the UAE is around $ 100,000, but you can get this model for $ 40,000 at auction, if you are lucky enough, to be a super bargain huntress.