The A4 is one of the most important cars that Audi manages. After four years of working in the successful mid-sized model, the company has succeeded in strength and excellence in sports performance. The exterior of the car complements the brand’s new design features; The large MMI touch screen is easy to operate.

Several engine versions are now available with mild hybrid systems – and the efficiency and comfort benefits are further enhanced with the extensive electrical system. It is reported that only 100 cars of the special model of the A4 will be launched in the Middle East market.

The mid-size model looks more dynamic and sophisticated thanks to sporty design features. The single-frame front grille is now wider and flatter, while the horizontal lines emphasize the width of the car from the front and the rear. As for the lateral profile, it is determined by the strengths that emerge, such as the muscles above the fenders and the low shoulder line connecting them. They form prominent lines over the wheels and make the quattro’s authentic characteristics crystal clear.

LED headlights became a standard equipment in the Audi A4. The most advanced headlights on the top model feature Matrix LED technology with fully automatic high beam. Audi also introduced a new concept for the variety of models: the base model, the advanced model, and the sporty S model, as well as the independent exterior of the S models. The customer can choose from 12 paint colors, including a new option, Terra Gray.

Thanks to the new MMI system, the Audi A4, equipped with innovative connectivity technologies, delivers an experience very similar to the operating systems of advanced smartphones. Where the MMI touch screen with the feature of sound on the touch replaced the buttons and rotary controls that were previously used in the center console. The high resolution TFT screen has a size of 10.1. Inch, featuring an elegant and sophisticated display; While the list, with its clear gradations, is specially designed to meet the users’ expectations and provides them with a very easy system.

Navigating the playlists in the Audi A4 is made more versatile and easy thanks to the new MMI system, which features a new head unit. The third-generation educational and entertainment platform, MIB 3, provides immense computing power. It works with a new separate communication box in place and includes a hotspot for the wireless network. Optional equipment units at the front of the vehicle include the Audi phone box and the Bang & Olufsen 3D Premium Audio system.

The sporty balanced suspension blends perfectly with the character of the Audi A4, where customers can choose between basic equipment and sports suspension. Two adjustable suspension systems are also available: one is the comfortable suspension with damping control, which reduces the car’s height by 10 millimeters and provides the highest levels of driving comfort, and the other is the sport suspension – with or without damping control – which has been lowered by 23 millimeters.