5 Rare information about cars .. Do you know it before?

The world of global cars enjoys a great momentum of daily news, releases follow us here and there, seeking to satisfy the passion of customers and followers, intense competition in speed, luxury and spaciousness, and the matter is not without oddities and jokes, such as that about 165,000 cars are manufactured every day, and there are nearly a billion Car on the ground.

Or that the Karl Benz car was the first car in the world in 1885 and the car speed was 16 km per hour. It had excellent styling and was known as the Benz Patent Motorwagen.

Let us present to you a number of strange and strange facts and figures, which we may not have heard before. These are facts that we gathered for you from several specialized sites.

The world’s first low-cost car

In 1908 Henry Ford built the Model T that became the first car available at a low price. The reason for this car’s low cost was the moving assembly line system that enabled Henry Ford to sell the Model Ts at a lower price than its competitors.

The best-selling car in the world

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car worldwide. They are sold in over 150 different countries and regions, so can you believe the company sells one Corolla every 15 seconds!

Since its production, Toyota has sold up to 44 million Corolla vehicles which account for 20 percent of the company’s total sales.

Most expensive country to buy a new car!

Singapore is the most expensive country in the world to buy a new car. A lot of taxes are imposed on all new car purchases, and car owners must purchase a Certificate of Entitlement (COE).

The reason for the humiliation is because Singapore is trying to get rid of congestion by limiting the number of people who can own a car, with about 7,807 people living on every square kilometer of land.

The longest car in the world

The limousine received this title. And it’s custom-built by California auto expert Jay Orberg.

The car was registered by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest car ever. It is 100 meters long. Do not be surprised, knowing that the car has a swimming pool combined with a plunge pool and a king-size water bed, in addition to a helicopter pillow.

The cheapest car in the world

The Tata Nano is manufactured by the Indian automobile company, Tata Motors. This car is the cheapest car in the world, a rear-wheel-drive vehicle that can operate at a speed of 105 km per hour. When it was first introduced, the price was only $ 1,442, but the price rose to around $ 3,260 – $ 4,616 with the increase in material costs.

Unfortunately, walking them on the streets is not legal in the United States, and it can’t be sold until 2034.