The new Mercedes-Benz GLS is the largest and most luxurious Mercedes-Benz SUV, and above all, the vehicle offers the highest levels of comfort, spaciousness and luxury. Its impressive dimensions reinforce the car’s presence in terms of its exterior appearance, as it is larger than its predecessors (it is 77 mm longer and 22 mm wider).

The new GLS stands for modern luxury both on and off-road. This is the message that Mercedes-Benz wanted to convey through the design of this vehicle; The car’s appeal stems from its confident presence, embodied by its impressive proportions alone (length of 5207 mm, width 1956 mm).

The wheelbase length of 3135 mm, which is 60 mm more than its predecessor, makes the car significantly longer and gives it harmonious proportions that stand out through the elegant side design.

The largest part of the new GLS stands out in its place, and embodies it, as it appears in a prominent position in the form of the bone, as well as the hood of the car with projections in its sides to indicate the strength of performance.

This striking appearance is underlined by the distinctive design with which the headlamps shine day and night; The MULTIBEAM LED headlights are equipped with up to 112 LEDs in each headlight, which is the maximum permitted by law in terms of light intensity. The three-segment LED daytime running lights underscore the GLS’s identity as a S-Class SUV.

The GLS is not only distinguished by its front fa├žade, as the rear design of the car is distinguished by its striking appearance, especially with the prominence introduced by Mercedes-Benz on the rear shoulder of the car, which extends from the rear doors to the taillights.

The two-part taillights operate with LED technology and have a large graduated diameter and a three-dimensional shape, giving the rear of the car a feeling of depth and solidity. The reflectors have been shifted down, giving the taillights a flat look. The reflectors are also surrounded by chrome trim strips

The GLS interior is aesthetically pleasing, elegant and sophisticated. It combines the comfort of a luxury Mercedes-Benz sedan with the sophisticated details of an SUV. The most important feature of the instrument panel is the large screen integrated into a special base, which is in harmony with the design of the doors and the overall design of the cabin.