We are reviewing with you my friends “Minutes Auto” this evaluation and nomination for the top 10 family SUVs.

Now we start with you the backward evaluation of the top 10 family SUV cars – from 10 to 1

1- Audi Q5

The new Audi Q5 2020 is classified as a luxury compact SUV that delivers attractive performance and a luxurious interior, making it one of the most powerful cars in its class – Audi Q5 2020 is a good choice among luxury compact SUVs that make you feel powerful and lively when you press the pedal Petrol, whether equipped with a four-turbo engine or a high-performance six-cylinder twin-turbo engine .. Although it is an expensive option with a long list of options, the Q5 is quiet, functional and desirable, with great readiness to drive and keep up with the times, there are now mixed versions of components Auxiliary is also available – i.e., with an electric motor and a 2.0-liter turbo petrol with 4 cylinders to produce 362 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque

2 BMW X3

A decent mid-range SUV for families. The X3 has advanced transmissions with maximum driver appeal, in all other areas, and the X3 has been nominated for second place after Audi. BMW X3 is a statement of unlimited opportunities and an expression of presence and absolute freedom. At first glance, it dazzles with its sporty looks and an exciting driving experience. Thanks to the partially self-driving and BMW xDrive smart all-wheel drive system, it provides superior driving comfort on both off-road and off-road. It thus redefines the standards in its class making one thing clear and unmistakable: There is a huge difference in how you get to your destinations.

3- jaguar f pace

Jaguar’s first SUV with impressive styling handling, plenty of cabin space, and it appears to have leapt to the top of the HAG range as its best-selling model until it was overtaken by the smaller E-Pace. A detail or two detracts a little from the overall driving experience: among them are some unremarkable four-cylinder diesel engines, a reluctant automatic gearbox and a slightly loud and noisy ride in certain specifications. There is also room for improvement in the vehicle’s steering. But for the first generation of Jaguar SUVs, the F-Pace is an impressive car and a trustworthy achievement, and it admirably embraces it to third place.

4- Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport is a Land Rover car that may look like for beginners while it is in the showroom, but in fact it is not short, but rather deserving of upscale and very satisfying performance .. Discovery N was built on the same PTA platform as the Range Rover Evoque, but it did not lose any of the characteristics that we loved in Original. It still has a higher ride than many of its competitors, provides better visibility and four-wheel drive capability than many, and it offsets more like a conventional SUV to drive than others. It has a functional interior design – and it’s now given a much-needed boost with outstanding appeal. Gasoline and diesel engines are now boosted with a mild 48V hybrid chassis in an effort to improve fuel economy, and there is also a hybrid version of the plug-in hybrid. These engines may still be waiting for a bit of improvement and full performance, but if you want a family SUV that’s more rugged off-road than the mid-range, Discovery Sport offers that with very little concessions

5- skoda Kodiaq

The Kodiaq is one of our best family SUVs, and it comes from a premium manufacturer, and it costs more than 9,000 pounds than many competitors. Although everything looks good together, all four of the previous SUVs on this list feature better-balanced leaders than the Kodiak, but not all of them offer a third row of seats which is what Kodiak is distinguished by. Regardless of the cruelty of driving the Kodiak sometimes only. That said, there is good room for this car to develop. A facelift can add a lot of elegance to it

6- Mercedes Benz GLC

The updated Mercedes GLC, with its well-integrated and luxurious interior, deserves its place in the top ten, but its imperfectly flexible and fluid steering means it is far from the first choice of enthusiastic drivers. It may have a lot of quality points in driving between SUVs, but it is also less quiet than it should be for a Mercedes-Benz car, which makes it difficult to recommend this car in absolute, though, it is among the most cars that achieve its driver most of what is expected of it.

7 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Stelvio relies on the Giulia platform and engines with the addition of some ride height and four-wheel drive technology, creating an elaborate SUV in the shape of a Stelvio. Alfa’s focus on decent handling has resulted in slightly turbulent driving on poorer UK roads. The cabin is simple and cheap – just like you do on the Giulia. It has been priced very competitively .. And the Alfa Romeo Stelvio model belongs to the “suv” category of multi-use sports cars, equipped with a 2000 cc turbo four-cylinder engine, generating 280 horsepower and a maximum torque of 400 Nm, supported by a transmission 8-speed automatic transmission. According to the data announced on the “Alfa Romeo”, the “Steelview” model depends on the total traction system – which can accelerate from placing stability to 100 / km, in a time period of 5.7 seconds, with a top speed of 280 km / hour.

8- Volvo XC 60

Being the safest car tested by Euro NCAP is highly appreciated, and above all, a Volvo four-wheeler with an attractive design and a comfortable cabin.

It is not the last word in driver attractiveness, performance, or improvement in a diesel engine, and the car’s automatic gearbox is a somewhat weak spot. But being a safe, comfortable and easy-to-use family SUV, it is likely to attract a large number of customers like its predecessor, which was the best selling SUV in Europe at its best despite its unbeatable price

9- seat tarraco

The Tarraco is SEAT’s first full-size SUV, and it looks good, too. Being a product of the Volkswagen Group, it is not surprising that this Spanish SUV shares almost everything with the Skoda Kodiaq even though, unlike its brother, the Tarraco comes with seven seats as standard across the range.

It feels a bit more compact and agile than other SUVs of its size, but this stiffer handling appears to come at the expense of continuous improvement and comfort. In a car like this, it can be argued that the Terraco will need more focus on its upcoming models. However, the quality of its cabin cannot be ignored, and the petrol and diesel engines have been impressively improved. They are priced somewhat competitively as well

10- Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

If you are a family SUV driver looking for an easy way to lower your company’s auto tax bills, you may have heard of this vehicle in your office or among your friends. If you don’t, be wise: Because compared to the diesel family SUV group, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV may save you up to £ 4,000 a year on in-kind utility tax alone, and another £ 1,500 on fuel, depending on usage. . Perhaps this is why it is the UK’s best-selling hybrid car so far. The model got its biggest facelift since its launch in 2018, receiving a new 2.4-liter petrol engine, refined styling, ride and modification. The performance is strong enough and handling dynamic is acceptable. Outlander PHEV seamlessly switches between three driving modes for the most efficient performance of dual electric motors and a highly efficient gasoline engine. This innovative technology provides incredible efficiency and smooth and quiet driving without compromising comfort, size, performance or convenience.