If the regular Mercedes AMG GLE 63 was a “Super SUV”, then what would you call it when it came with more than 900 hp?
This model has been modified by Wheelsandmore, the monster you see up to 920 hp (677 kW) and 1150 Nm of torque from a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8.
You will have to spend € 4,2016 ($ 49,470) for this fourth stage of the adjustment, with the company also offering three more options.

Next up is the € 31,092 ($ 36,608) 3-stage kit that unleashes 860 hp (632 kW) and 1,150 Nm.

Stage 2 will cost you 16,806 euros ($ 19787), and it comes with 800 horsepower (588 kW) and 1040 Nm. It also removes the speed limiter, allowing the GLE to reach 320 km / h as a top speed when fitted with the appropriate tires.

For the Base Stage 1, it costs 2,200 euros ($ 2590) and promises 700 or 710 hp (515-522 kW) in the Regular and S models, respectively, along with 950 Nm of peak torque.

As a reminder, the standard 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine comes in at 571 hp (420 kW), 750 Nm in GLE 63, 612 hp (450 kW), and 850 Nm in GLE 63 S. The first takes 4.0 seconds to reach 100 km / Hour from the pause phase, and the last 3.8 seconds.

The crossover comes as an option with the front wheels size 10.5 x 24 inches and rear wheels size 12.5 x 24 inches shown in the picture, with tires measuring 295/30 and 355/25 from Vredestein.

Wheelsandmore is also working on new parts for the GLE 63, such as a new exhaust system and a smartphone control unit to lower the air suspension